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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Against All Odds...

Pre-celebration congregation at Foley's
(with a "Peace" sign from a passerby!)
The signs did not augur well for a large turnout at Foley's Pub in NYC on Monday, even though the cause was noble.

Craft Beer for a Cause, brainchild of Foley's owner Shaun Clancy, was designed to assist my son (who is in end stage renal failure) with the expenses associated with his treatment.

First, it was a Monday night, typically slow in most bars and restaurants. Second it was a holiday, so the normal crowd that might come into the pub on the way home from work was probably already home.
Third, it was a bone-chilling fifteen degrees, and fourth, more heavy snow (darn that global warming!) was forecast.

Those factors, however, were mitigated--if not ignored completely-- by the basic goodness and decency of average people as Foley's was pretty packed from the start time of 5 PM till 10 PM. They came from Jersey, from Pennsy and from the city to pitch in, and they were rewarded with good cheer, good beer and a rousing good time.

Good Cheer, Good Beer!
They enjoyed three fine Jersey beers as well as those from Foley's extensive taps. Climax Brewing donated its exceptional Snow Plow, Forgotten Boardwalk kicked in its very popular 1916 Shore Shiver IPA and Ramstein Brewing chimed in with a kick-ass Double Platinum Blonde Bock. All three kicked by 8 PM, a testimony to their quality.

The Foley's Pub staff, including beer manager Demian Knott, Manager Brian and the always feisty--and lovable--Kathy the Brooklyn Waitress handled their duties to perfection as the throng enjoyed both beer and Foley's fine victual. The Shepherd's Pie was the PubScout's personal favorite, but everyone I spoke with was thoroughly satisfied.

Flights of NJ Beer and T-shirts were sold in addition to a generous donation from the night's take by Shaun Clancy, raising a substantial amount, which was, after all, the intent of the event. John Mooney of Over The Moon Public relations did yeoman's work in generating interest and participation for this special event.

The "Bros," Cody L. and Kacy, R. sandwich Brett
Adding to the upbeat feeling of the night was the recent news that my son (who flew up from NC just to attend) may have found his live kidney donor, pending a few more tests. More info will be released as it becomes verified, and if it is, he could have his new kidney as early as April. God is good, and so are those who came out and who have been contributing and praying all along to get my son past this crisis.

Yes, the stars all aligned, but the real stars of the night were those who braved severe weather to show up and participate. Our family is eternally grateful for their sacrifices.
They have proved that, as usual, God's angels come in disguise. We happened to catch some angel pictures here.

More will follow! Stay tuned!
Cheers! The PubScout

These pics just in, courtesy of Kenneth C. Mok. If you were there, you're probably here.

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