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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Put Some DePeppe in your Step

The PubScout doesn't hit the Jersey Shore much these days--at least for fun in the sun. That may be because while there is sun, the fun seems to be absent.

I was enjoying an ocean view last year while on the boardwalk in a town that I refuse to name. I had pulled up to take a brief respite from a long motorcycle ride, and after I dismounted, I pulled out an Alvarez, clipped the tip and lit it, thinking a relaxing forty minutes or so would be just the right amount of break.

"Not so fast there, Biker-Boy!" came the voice. "There's no smoking on the boardwalk!"

"Huh?" says I, thinking, this is outside in the open air, and there's nobody within 200 feet of me, except this dude in the jungle hat, engaging in usury for allowing access to a beach.

But he wasn't kidding, and threatened to call the local constabulary if I did not immediately cease and desist an activity that my American Indian ancestors shared with the Europeans. So I had to walk a block away and enjoy my cigar while watching traffic on Rt. 35.

Beer lovers at Beer on the Boards
Still, I will "go down the shore" if there's a good reason, and this event is one of them.
This "must-visit" Beer event really needs no hype, as peripatetic beer nuts of every stripe usually flock to Martell's on the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant.

Everybody who's anybody is usually on hand, sampling the wide variety of beer and the always excellent food included with a ticket purchase--which you can make right here.

Mulshine and admirers
Heck, the last few years have even seen that curmudgeonly conservative columnist Paul Mulshine mingling with us hoi-polloi. Paul's a regular guy, though, and besides being a lover of good
--and inexpensive--beer, his wry sense of humor and keen wit never fail to delight.

Neither will Beer on the Boards, brainchild of Chris DePeppe of Total Bru Marketing. With two separate sessions, beer lovers can certainly fit one into a busy schedule, and there are even special rates for DD's (designated drivers).

So come on down the shore on March 22. Most likely, it won't be warm enough to swim or sunbathe, or hot enough to wear one of those jungle hats under an umbrella while engaging in usury for beach access--and denying cigar smokers their simple pleasure.

But just in case you need a hint as to where it is, just look for me with a lit Alvarez standing on Ocean Ave in Point Pleasant some time between 12:30 and 9:30 PM.

The PubScout

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