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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oktoberfest, Schmocktoberfest...Erlanger Bergkirchweih looks like it deserves a shot

Don't get me wrong; the centuries-old party in Germany celebrating the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese is a super time, even though it's still on my bucket list.

But there's a beer festival that's even older, and my Down Under pal Kenneth Hart can get you there via his website, The Thirsty Swagman.

Erlanger Bergkirchweih is the name of the festival that has been putting the "oomph" in "Oompah" for fifty five years longer than Prince Ludwig's lederhosen began twitching after setting eyes on the Princess. Set in the small town of Erlangen, the fest welcomes about 1.3 million beer drinkers, and the event is set in motion when the Lord Mayor taps the keg.

My Aussie mate has made a business of partying (far more profitable, no doubt, than beerwriting)  in great locales around the world, and if you have the urge (and the gelt) to run with the really big dogs, Ken will see to it that you have memories to last a lifetime.

He and his Swagman pals tell me that this fest runs for TWELVE full days that start at 10 AM and run till 11 PM, and in anybody's book, that's a party.

Check out what's available on Ken's site, and be sure to read his "Idiot Rules." Ken wants you to have fun, but if you behave like a "Pferdearsch," you'll get kicked off the tour.

But if you want to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch...

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