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Thursday, December 1, 2011

This just in...

Great news for winterbier lovers from my Beer Buddy Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack:

"Take a peek at the Sam Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack. They finally got the mix right by dumping fizzy Cranberry Lambic and the out-of-season White Ale and replacing them with a warming Chocolate Bock and the new Black & Brew coffee stout."

That's great news concerning those new replacements. The Chocolate Bock is a goodie, though my buddy Ty in AZ pans it. And in honor of my Jewish beer-nut friends, I will have to try He'Brew's (The Chosen Beer) Jewbilation 15, which sounds positively scrumptious.

You can read more of "Joe's" Christmas suggestions here.

Cheers! And Merry Christmas!
The PubScout

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