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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now THIS is a good idea...

I had no idea that so many people had so many other people to talk to, either by voice or text message. In the old days, pubs and bars were places where you'd go to converse and conviviate with the local gentry. Sure, it's cheaper to buy a sixer at the liquor store and sit home by yourself to drink, but that grows stale fast, even for narcissists. Pubs and taverns were born to get people together and talking--not on their cell phone, but face to face.

To an old school pub-man like me, it's somewhat disconcerting to see so many people at so many places texting or chatting with someone far away, while there's some darned good company right in front of you waiting for some good conversation. But I'm a relic, I suppose.

For those (millions) whose cell phones are used ceaselessly, and whose batteries are in constant need of recharging, the idea below may just solve two problems at once--mine and yours.

Now your phone can get juiced right along with you. And nothing loosens the tongue like liquor.

Now if I could just figure out a way to charge my drinks bill to somebody else's phone, life would be golden.

Cheers! The PubScout

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