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Monday, September 5, 2011

Sam Adams Octoberfest Underwhelms

I am a big fan of Jim Koch's beers--known as Sam Adams--and many of my brewer friends are as well. SA beers are usually always "dead-on" when it comes to style, even if you may not be a fan of that style.

This time of year, I'm a die-hard fan of Sam Adams Octoberfest because it heralds the the Autumn like the deciduous trees celebrate the season. It's always well made, malty, ballsy and very flavorful.

But this year, somebody in the SA Brewhouse took the testosterone out of one of my favorite beers.

No significant nose, a decidedly flat taste and a most unusual watery mouthfeel for this year's edition made me sorry I bought a whole case.

Not that it will go to waste. It can flavor my sauerkraut and I can boil brats in it.

But that sure ain't what I buy Sam Adams Octoberfest for....

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