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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Hits

Yep, new word for y'all--sapid. Means very tasty with a pleasing flavor, kind of the opposite of vapid, meaning flat, lacking taste or flavor, which logofiles like me find pretty neat--and an easy way to remember the two. Sapid. Yup.

Now where was I? Oh, yes...suds. Stopped by Uno's Grill and Brewery to sample new brewer Chris Percello's Oktoberfest, a lager, and the first beer that is truly his. Result? A nice job--gorgeous color, malty with a hint of nuttiness and balanced by a nice hop notes. I don't know why (the hell I don't), but you might get the notion that he worked under a Roselle Park brewer known for his outstanding Oktoberfests. But in all, a very creditable first attempt and a sapid seasonal beer.

Next up an offering from Trader Joe's called, unsurprisingly, Oktoberfest. It's brewed by Gordon Biersch. Most of the beer cognoscenti give it a "B" or something in that range, but The PubScout likes it a helluva lot better than what Sam Adams gave us this year, which came closer to vapid than sapid. So I'd give it an A minus. Hallertau hops and dark-roasted Munich malts give it a very sapid flavor. Good color, excellent nose and, at $5.99 a sixer, great for your wallet. You might even have some left over for a wedding gift for Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. Their anniversary is coming up on October 12. It will be their 201st, in case you were wondering. I hear there's a sale on aluminum walkers if you need an idea.

Regardless, drink up and enjoy these two excellent examples of sapidity!

Cheers! The PubScout

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