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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking Beach Haus on the Road

Beach Haus Road Test


I met with Beach Haus Beer Rep Brian Ciriaco outside New Brunswick's storied Old Bay Restaurant a few weeks ago to pick up a test case of the Jersey Shore's Beach Haus Beer. My idea was to invite some folks to sample the beer before last night's beer dinner at Uno's to see how these beer nuts rated Beach Haus, which wants to be considered the Beer of The Jersey Shore. With Spring and Summer just around the corner, that's a smart and noble goal.

I took my handy-dandy Flip Video camera and recorded various beer lovers as they tasted and evaluated Beach Haus. Those videos will be available soon on Facebook on The PubScout's page. But in decidedly unscientific nutshell, the beer won over more than 95% of those who sampled it. Some called it a great "session" beer and others declared it would be their summer beer of choice—provided, that is, they can locate it here in Middlesex County. The brewing company's story, as well as places to find the beer, can be found on its website, and you can read about another successful blind taste test at my beer buddy Paul Mulshine's blog over at the Star Ledger. Beach Haus also has a Facebook presence.

There was only one taster who claimed he did not like the brew, and another claimed it was just "OK."

Check out the videos when they go up to hear the comments directly. So congrats to East Coast Beer Co. and Beach Haus, and thanks to Brian Ciriaco for the test case.

Now if they could only make a beer that would cause Sammi Sweetheart and Snooks to disappear forever…

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