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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In The Moshe Pit

Moshe Packs the House at Uno's


It was another large turnout for Moshe the Barman as he continues to display a growing expertise with the preparation and presentation of exceptional—some might say avant garde—cuisine.

Close to forty cerevisaphiles/gourmands packed Uno's back room for the tri-monthly confluence of Moshe's food, Mike Sella's grog and the madcap camaraderie that marks the event.

Moshe explains what's upcoming in a video you can watch here, but his cheese and fruit platters, now populated regularly with aged (expensive) gouda and billiard ball sized grapes usually open the show. Mike's Bootlegger Blonde accompanied the course.

Next up was what Moshe called a once-in-a- lifetime Roasted Chestnut Soup, and it was paired with Troeg's Pale Ale, a perennial crowd favorite.

Ricotta-stuffed Seasonal Veggies were next and they were matched with the outstanding Sly-Fox Pils—from cans. A very creative and tasty salad with Beet Vinagrette was matched with Mike Sella's classic 32-Inning Ale.

Indeed, so plentiful was the food that first-time attendee, well-known Conservative Pundit Gene Hoyas was heard to say that if he ate any more, he would not have room for the Bronzed Pork Chop Entrée.

Which would have been a shame, bronzed to perfection it was, and having been paired with Old Brown Dog from Smuttynose Brewing. The selection was in honor of Ms. Nicole Batson-Chan, who has extensive experience with canines a la the Westminster Dog Show. She even determined the breed of the dog on the label of the beer without hesitation.

Dessert was a flourless—and exceptional--Chocolate Cake, which Moshe assured the crowd had absolutely NO calories, and it was joined in sin by Mike's Gust N' Gale Porter, much to the delight of Joe Skelly, on hand again after a brief hiatus.

Photos of the event are in my gallery on the top right of this page and are free to download.

Uno's next event will be a Cask Ale event on March 26th. Contact the restaurant for details.

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