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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have you ever tasted Harry Baals?

Big controversy brewing in Fort Wayne, IN.

Harry Baals was the former mayor who was much loved and earned great respect among the Fort Waynians (?). They wanted to name the city center after him, but some government wonks decided that The Harry Baals Civic Center might not have the appeal of, say, The Fort Wayne Civic Center, so they overruled the populace who voted 10-1 to put Harry Baals' name on the place.

I think the guy's name is pronounced "Bales" not "Balls" so the city fathers' fear may not even be valid.

More importantly, there's an Irish Stout named after him, and it's pretty good according to Beer Advocate. If you'd drink Harry Baals Stout, why wouldn't you enter the Harry Baals center?

In any event, I'm raising a pint to Harry Baals.
You do what you think is right.

The PubScout

1 comment: said...

Harry Balls, by any other name is still Harry Balls. lol.