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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Uno's Flag Day Dinner

As usual, the folks at Uno's, Bryan, Mike Sella, Lenny, provided an efficient, delicious dinner for the 22 folks who showed for this early summer classic. The menu was posted earlier, but it would be incomplete without the beers: Mike's 32-Inning Ale, Lake Placid IPA (SA Latitude 48 being unobtainable), Mike's always-reliable Hefeweizen, the outstanding Troeg's Dreamweaver Wheat, a superb Einbecker Dunkel Schwarzbier and Mike's solid Gust 'n' Gale Porter. Patriotic trivia had tables competing against each other for wonderful prizes (world cruises, Trans-Canada train trips, Limo rides to Perth Amboy, etc.), though at least one table was using electronic lifelines...

In addition, a Flip Video of a very accomplished, multilingual beauty named Christina is in the processing stage. Check my FaceBook page for updates, and don't forget to become a Fan of the Pubscout!

In all, another nice night at Uno's Grill and Brewery, made that way by the food, the grog, the folks in attendance and the hospitality of the pub. Lenny's talking about an outdoor BBQ for the next one, so stay tuned to this channel for details. The pics are here. Hope to see you at the next one!

Cheers till next time!
The PubScout

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