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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Luck, son—but not goodbye

By Kurt Epps--The PubScout

So my sons and I had one last night together before my eldest went off to Harrisburg, PA to start his adult life and a new job. (Not a bad place, Harrisburg, either—Troeg's is there.) To do a proper sendoff, we went out to a place that I have reviewed before, and to which I have often returned—the Brick House Tavern and Tap in South Plainfield. It's a Man-cave with eye-candy everywhere you look, pure and simple.

Fortune smiled on us immediately by guiding us to an empty parking space right near the Famous FirePit, which was packed with revelers. Apparently cognizant of the solemnity of the occasion, Fortune also guided us to four empty Naugahyde Barcaloungers in front of two widescreen HDTV's, where a very comely lass named Kelly waited on us hand and foot. It was her first week after training and she was working very hard to impress and become a "regular" Brick girl. Since I have never seen a Brick Girl who has performed poorly (and I've seen and met many), Kelly will have no problems establishing herself as a star server.

Marie, Autumn, Taylor, Jamie, Brittany, Lindsay, DJ and a host of others stopped by our Barcaloungers to pay their respects. Nor am I naïve or conceited enough to ever think they were coming to talk to me. Three young studs with rugged good looks (from their mother) and the solid builds of wrestlers were the chick magnets on this night.

Man-food—big sloppy, artery-clogging burgers and cheesesteaks-- was served to us on trays that stuck right into the arms of our Barcaloungers, with a well for our beers or sodas on the opposite side. With the caliber of feminine pulchritude serving and visiting us, it was, quite simply, Heaven.

In all, it was a most delightful night and a good sendoff to my first-born, who snapped a picture of me standing in the ladies room loo line. The loud music, the exceptional camaraderie, the ambience of a great place, the magnificent, efficient and drop-dead gorgeous servers all combined to make it a memorable, albeit bittersweet, night.

I'm happy my eldest has a job and wants to start his own life, but he's my first-born, and I just kind of thought I'd have him around forever. I know, I know. You have to let them spread their wings and fly. But I always thought he'd be flying around my house. The Victory Brewing Golden Monkey had me waxing nostalgic for the old days, when I was his hero.

No matter. We had a great time, and I'd recommend the Brick House Tavern and Tap to anyone who calls himself a man.

Even if there's a trace of a tear in your eye as you drive home.

©Kurt Epps 2010 All rights reserved.

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