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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Man, oh man. I'm sitting here trying to update the old blog, and I'm drinking a beer some friend of Beelzebub or Mammon gave me for my birthday. It's called Mephistopheles. It's a stout. It's made by Avery in Boulder, Colorado. And it is nothing short of Kick-A$$.

As Tony Soprano, who some might say was on a first-name basis with the 2nd Fallen Angel, might say: "Minchia!"

Drink it at home. Slowly. Do not drive. Do not pass go. Do not pass gas, either.

Mephistopheles.  "Minchia."

I'm not even halfway done, and I'm hearing the refrain from The Mephisto Waltzes.

Cheers till next time...if I'm alive.

The PubScout

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