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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Beer First, Work Second...

Zach preps for the Cask Fest

After at least three cask events as Uno’s Brewer, Zach Conner has the whole Cask Beer Fest thing down to a science.
“My first one was definitely more work in terms of acquiring and setting up the beers. That part’s easy now, thanks to all my contacts in the beer business.”

I arrived early to acquire a seat, set up my own beers and schmooze with my contacts behind the bar, so I chatted with Zach as he was tapping the iced-down kegs in preparation for what he hoped would be continuous throngs of beer nuts.

“The only thing I don’t know is how many will come or how long they will stay.”
In an attempt to encourage longer stays, Uno’s was providing live band entertainment from 3-5 PM. I didn’t stay to hear them, but I had a good excuse—helping my youngest son with a college assignment. And I didn’t want to be too many sheets to the wind, considering what I’m paying for his opportunity to graduate and go jobless for a couple of years.

Still, that looming task didn’t prevent us from stopping in, nailing down some half-priced Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas and sampling some of the ten beers on hand from six different breweries.

Seth and Natalie
Firkins were provided by Uno’s, Kane, Carton, Forgotten Boardwalk, Harvest Moon and Bolero Snort. I first sampled Uno’s Coconut Brown from the hand pump, and it paired superbly with my quesadillas. Then it was on to Coffee Cake from the hot-and-getting-hotter Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing folks from Cherry Hill. A very unique beer that could actually substitute for dessert—or breakfast. Kidney buddy Seth Dolled happened in and took a picture with Beer Nut Natalie Lay (advertising in a conspicuous place) and me.

Then it was time for a delicious Harvest Moon’s Irish Coffee Stout (conditioned with vanilla beans and Jameson soaked oak. And, still in a stout kind of mood, I had my son Cody get me a Bolero Snort Lucky Bomb—delicious, but at just 4.4% not destructive of the thinking process I’d need later to help with the assignment.

Cody--pre assignment
I heard rave reviews from bar-mates, like Hailey’s Harp owner Chris Flynn, about Carton’s Hoppun, and Carton of Milk Stout is one of The PubScout’s regular faves.

As I always say, you meet a lot of nice folks at beer events, and this time it was a delightful lass named Amy Dundee with whom I chatted about beer and our mutual hometown roots.

It’s 7 PM as I write (“my” college assignment dutifully completed), and for all I know, the event may still be in full swing. I hope so. And so does Zach Conner. But if you missed this event, which was pretty crowded at 2 PM, you lost—not him.

The PubScout

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