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Friday, August 15, 2014

Be Still, My Fluttering Heart!

All aboard...maybe.
Everyone has a "breakthrough beer."
You know, that beer which woke you up and made you say, "So that's what beer is supposed to taste like!"

While a British beer called John Courage may have tapped me on the shoulder sometime in the '90's and asked, "Want to start a journey together?" (a request with which I have complied ever since), it was an American beer that hit me upside the head one hot afternoon in the '70's.

This one.

I can taste its strong flavors in my memory to this very day. If the attempt to resurrect it as it was is successful--and I'll know with the first sip--I'll be headed to my local liquor locker.

I suggest you do the same.
Because it's not every day you get to ride in the Time Machine.

The PubScout

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