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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Are You "Up" For This?

My Down Under Aussie brother-from-another-mother Kenneth Hart sent me a link to this event in Finland. It's called "Beerfloating." In Finnish, it's dubbed "Kaljaakellunta," and it's a festival where everyone and anyone can jump in a floating vessel filled with their favorite "olut" and glide lazily down a river while enjoying beer and the camaraderie.

The event, which began with only ten rafters, starts in a city called Vantaa and ends, somewhat ironically, in Helsinki. Which is probably akin to something you might yell if your raft, tube or person became unseaworthy--"Hell! I sinki!"

 I don't know if Kenneth has scheduled one of his mind-blowing beer trips to this destination, but it looks like great fun. Go check it, including the video of the rafters in action.

And while you're there, check out the epic trips The Thirsty Swagman offers to the bold and the brave--but not the buffoon. The love of beer can transport you to wonderful places, for sure.

And you can meet all kinds of beer lovers on the journey...say hello to Helga on the right.

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