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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Dad's Day Gift to Remember

As Father's Day approaches, we can expect the usual litany of advertisements advising against buying Dad the usual tie or socks. Then they'll give you a "hot list" of what (they assure you) Dad would really like.
But if a new Bentley motorcar or Indian motorcycle is a bit steep for your budget, here's an idea: give him FREE beer!

Yep, my gal-pals down at The Brewer's Apprentice are having a FREE tasting on Father's Day, along with a bunch of one-day discounts in case you and dad want to make the liquid gift that keeps on giving (to everyone) right there in their comfy warehouse.

Browse their list of recipes, use their equipment, crack grain and pitch yeast, then let your masterful creation ferment until it's ready to be bottled--by you--under your own name! It's a good deal and great fun for everyone, especially for those whose spouses frown at messy home kitchens, redolent with the smells of malt, hops, yeast and sweat--er, effort. The gal in in the picture above has nothing to do with the Brewer's Apprentice. But she or someone like her could come to your house when your beer is ready to be brought home, and wouldn't that be nice?

Make this Father's Day one your dad will definitely remember. Hit the Brewer's Apprentice for free beer on Father's Day.

You can even visit the gorgeous gals of BA at the Brew Ha-Ha at Great adventure the previous day--June 15. Chris DePeppe, organizer, is looking for volunteers to work the event. Volunteers will get free admission to both the Beer Fest and the Theme Park for the entire day! Email Chris@beerheads to sign up!

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