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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No more watery fizz for Bud?

One of the criticisms of many beers in the mainstream--like Bud, Miller, Coors and Corona--has been the lack of real flavor. That may be changing. Of course, Bud and the others have outstanding brewers capable of producing magnificent beer, if only their marketing departments didn't demand the watery fizz that gets big ad bucks. 

But a recent story about a new Bud beer--dubbed Black Crown--may indicate that those bean counters have finally detected a change in the market. Jonathan Berr, author of the linked piece, writes: "Data from the Brewers Association shows that the market share for craft beers has climbed from 3.8% in 2007 to 5.68% in 2011."

And a site called Advertising Age dares to ask the question: Can Higher-Alcohol Beer 'Black Crown' Turn Around Bud? Citing dropping sales, the piece quotes AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito, who suggests that the Bud Light line may have stolen share away from the flagship brand. The PubScout suspects that the increase in Americans' appreciation for flavorful, fresh craft beer may have had just as much to do with those numbers as Bud Light. In any event, the article predicts a Super Bowl ad for Black Crown ( I may get cable TV back by then), and even though the ABV jumps just one percentage point (to 6%), I will sacrifice myself to try it. Then I'll report on my findings.

I'll try to taste it on a Tuesday, so the title of the blog will be either "Black Crown" or "Black Tuesday."

Cheers! And don't forget the victims of Hurricane Sandy!

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