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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Man on the Flying Mouflan

Opted for the Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter reserve the night of my last blogpost, and a great choice it was. But last night, with temps heading toward the teens and even single digits, and tired after a long day at the mats, I popped open a Flying Mouflan from Troeg's.

Not for beginners, especially if you never heard the term "barleywine." The Flying Mouflan is, however, not your ordinary barleywine. But I recommend it for any cold winter's night. Gorgeous caramel-red color, sweetish nose, redolent with malt. First taste will remind you it's a 9.3% big guy, but this complex beer finishes with exceptional balance.

I used an Allagash tulip glass (refilled once) to empty the 22 oz. bomber. Oh, and one more thing. This "over-the-cliff" beer is most wisely drunk at home or at a friend's where you can stay over. Excellent beer that I will try again, and they say it improves with age. That's what they say about us men, too, so I'm not sure I'm buying into that. Besides, winter ends in mid-March, so two months isn't making that much of a difference to me, and I'm sure not going to let it sit until next winter. Cheers!

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