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Friday, October 15, 2010

Selling Sella's O-Fest

I'd imagine Uno's Brewer Mike Sella will be having a hard time keepng this year's edition of his Oktoberfest in the tanks. I stopped into Uno's yesterday for a preview, and man, it's good! Mike's version, an ale-yeast based brew, is especially tasty this year, and he always makes a good one. You might want to ease on down the road to Uno's before the proverbial well runs dry. Of course, those who are attending the October 26 Uno's Beer Dinner will have all the O-fest they can handle. It seems this dinner is already sold out, but it might not hurt to contact the restaurant and beg...or offer up some sacrifice--like Yankees or Phillies tickets. (Just kidding--don't want the corporate suits to haul me off to jail before the 26th!)

Until then, Ein Prosit!

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