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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looks like only Crowley drinks American...

Well, The Prez and The Prof have apparently opted to have foreign beers at their much-ballyhooed sudsy sitdown today. Obie will likely have a Bud (Belgian-owned), and Gates is either a Red Stripe (Jamaican) or Beck's (German) man. Crowley drinks American and likes Blue Moon (Coors). In terms of their choices, Crowley has come the closest to being a craft beer guy. They all could have had The PubScout recommend other choices that would have opened their eyes to good beer and quality, but no. They decided to go it alone.

But that's the great thing about beer. No snobbiness allowed. Drink what you like. It helps, however, to expand your horizons in deciding what you like, and that's where I could have assisted. Now we have the embarrassing political  scenario of an American president drinking a "Belgian" beer. If he wanted to do that, I could have turned him on to some real Belgians. Duvel, Delirium Tremens, Karmeliet, Piraat come to mind. American brewers make some great Belgian styles, too. Allagash (Tripel), Weyerbacher (Merry Monks), North Coast (Pranqster) and Victory (Golden Monkey) are great American examples of the style. Maybe the best one in this case could have been Three Philosophers (Ommegang in NY).

Maybe if enough people contact him, he'll appoint me Beer/Health Czar. After all, drinking a glass or two of good beer a day is one of the healthiest things  a person can do. And with that 1000 page Health Care Bill (that no one has read) coming down the pike, we're all going to need to stay healthy.


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