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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beer at The White House? Count me in...but

Much has been in the news lately about the dustup between the Cambridge Police Sergeant and the Harvard Prof. President Obama got involved in the flap by making a comment that he probably wishes he hadn't, but in an attempt to quell the rising controversy (and stop his sliding poll numbers) the President has taken the unprecedented step of inviting both men involved in the contretemps to have a beer with him at the White House.

We consumers of beer, especially good beer, can connect with that. But the invitation raises an important question. What kind of beer would Obama serve to these to men to help smooth things over?

One can only hope that the President, who has been reported to be an arugula fan, would have a Born-in-the-USA craft beer as the main course. I mean, why would two guys from Cambridge travel all the way to DC for a Bud or a Corona? My guess is the White House can order any beer it wants, and Jim Koch would probably be happy to provide some Sam Adams, but I have a better suggestion for The Prez.

Invite them to the White House, then drive over to P & Q Streets (how apt is that?) near DuPont Circle and take the boys downstairs to The Brickskeller. The Brick may be the national capital's--if not the nation's--most famous beer bar. The Brick is Beer Mecca for the beer nut, and the Prez would probably get a lot more political mileage out of a trip to The Brick. Look what happened when he went to that burger joint. He could score political points (supporting and stimulating the local economy), publicity points (he's a regular guy like us) and most importantly his two guests could choose a beer from The Brick's 1000 beer menu that would suit each of them. It's a triple win. And the atmosphere in The Brick is far more conducive to friendship and camaraderie than the stodgy ol' White House.

But there's just one problem. How will Gates, Crowley and Obama know which beers to pick? Simple.

They need to invite The PubScout along to educate them. Not only will I point them to the best bridge-building session beers like Peacemaker IPA from Sleeping Giant Brewing. I can even suggest which foods would go best with the beers. We don't want the three of them just drinking beers on an empty stomach, do we? That wouldn't do, considering the flap that took place at Gates's home didn't even involve alcohol and look what happened. People got their knickers in a twist and even started calling out mamas. And The Prez got sucked into a nasty public relations maelstrom.

Anyway, I officially offer my services to the Prez to help him get this issue behind him. Heck, if he's buying at The Brick, I'll even pay my own way down to DC.

And I promise not to mention the birth certificate.

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