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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Jimmy D time soon!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 18, 2009. That's the date for the Annual Jimmy D fundraiser at the Harvest Moon Brewpub in New Brunswick, NJ. The event honors the memory of Jimmy D'heron, the New Brunswick firefighter who, four years ago, gave his life so that 15 others could live.
Jimmy D's Firehouse Red Ale will be flowing, along with many more of Brewer Matt McCord's malt masterpieces, and a portion of all the proceeds will go to helping burn victims. Here's the site with the info.
Just a word of warning: go early and reserve your spot on the floor. Once it starts filling up with revelers, you might not be able to see the floor, and you sure won't be able to fall down. Sure an' it's a site to behold when the Middlesex Pipe and Drum Corps comes a-marching in! Ah, it's a party that needs the likes of you to help us celebrate!

Cheers! (Click "Cheers" for a pic!)

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Todd Cohen said...

I know you don't like to look at scantily-clad women, but if you get a chance, check out the new Maxim (Jan 2009). They have a story on the 99 Best Bottles (and Cans) on Earth.

And no.....not THOSE cans, sir.

Happy Holidays!