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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Black (Velvet) Ops

What better way to finish off a Christmas Day than with a bottle of this Black Liquid Velvet Stout. As indicated in my previous post, this beer does not exist--officially. But unofficially--Wow!

It pours like black velvet. Smooth, with a chocolate/coffee/toffee nose and a most distinctive and delightful vanilla finish, this is without a doubt a fine sipping, fireside beer for a chill winter's eve. Best sampled at home (a 10.7% ABV in a 1 pt. 9 oz. bottle makes that a smart move), this is perhaps the finest stout I've ever tasted--and I've had some knockouts. That bourbon-barrel aging is clearly detectable on both palate and in the nose.

It's a big, satisfying, warming beer that will be at home apres ski or apres Wii. Drinking it during Wii or Xbox 360, however, is NOT recommended, as you will be too distracted by this baby to fight off any attackers in Call of Duty--World at War. In fact, the world wouldn't even BE at war, if the citizens of all countries (except maybe the equatorial ones) could be provided with a bottle of this peacemaker.

If there's a stout-lover on your Christmas list, pick him or her up one of these, and you'll never be forgotten. Tell them to curl up in their Barcalounger, pop the cork top, pour into a nice beer glass, put on "It's A Wonderful Life," and sit back. Your own personal angel will be along shortly.

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