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Monday, August 25, 2008

R.I.P Antone's of Cranford, but....

Antone's of Cranford is no more (RIP to a truly great beer bar), but rising from the major reconstruction will be the Kilkenny House, an Irish pub run by former Brooklynite Barry O'Donovan.

With 16 beers on tap--Brewmeister Dave Hoffman's of Climax Brewing among them-- and standard Irish food fare like Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Pot Pies, Bangers and Mash and other pub-grub, O'Donovan seems to be making all the right moves to insure a successful replacement of the legendary Antone's. He should be up and running by late September, if not earlier.

You may recall that in one of my earliest reviews, this outstanding beer bar had no fewer than 45 taps ( a state record) extruding from its tap wall (which bore a closer resemblance to a rock wall made from beer taps).
The Bartone Brothers, blessed with a healthy dose of business acumen and a commitment to great beer, ran that magnificent Antone's operation, and they have not, thankfully, left the business. They have acquired The Ark in Point Pleasant, and will very likely increase that establishment's business and revenue, especially considering that an Ark Ale will be produced by none other than Brewmeister Dave Hoffman.

Looks as though I'll have my beer and food work cut out for me in Cranford at Kilkenny's and in Point Pleasant at The Ark.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Sometimes I find the need to deputize SubScouts to assist me. Leave a comment and your e-mail if you want to join me when I go. Maybe you'll get the nod this time!


Joe S. said...

Subscout!? How do I join? Is there a physical? No push ups or anything, right?

Kurt Epps-The PubScout said...

No push-ups required, but you have to know your beer.