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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lawnmower Beers


First, I need to define what a "Lawnmower" beer is. Simply put, it's a beer you sit down to after you've done physical labor, like mowing the lawn, yard work, a workout at the gym or on your bike--anything which requires the the expending of physical energy, which , in turn, creates a sweat.

For those sessions, I reach for a beer that is, first of all, refreshing and thirst-quenching. A hefeweizen, flavored or otherwise, is usually a sound choice. But a good Kolsch or quality pilsner can also serve.

I'm particularly fond of SA's Cherry Wheat, Hefeweizen or Summer Ale, but Sea Dog's Blueberry Wheat is also a great choice.

Of late, I have discovered Harpoon's Summer Beers, and there are a few that can qualify as good choices.

Most of us recognize the term UFO, and you might qualify as one if you have too many Lawnmower Beers in succession, but Harpoon's definition is for UnFiltered Offering. Both of these are worth your time. The first, with a blue label, is just UFO. It's a standard hefeweizen, true to style though perhaps a bit lighter in color than some hefes. Crisp and refreshing, it will slake that yardwork thirst pretty effectively while delivering nice wheat notes in both nose and palate. A nice bitter finish rounds out the experience.

The second is Raspberry Hefeweizen, distinguished by its red label emblazoned with a ringed framboise. Like its sister, this beer is crisp and refreshing, and the raspberry nose is definitely present, though it doesn't overpower on the palate. The raspberry notes are not sweet, but tantalizingly tart, and it, too, will quench that workout thirst. Raspberries will linger on the tongue in the finish.

The third suggestion is named simply Summer Beer, and it's served up in the classic Kolsch style. With its smooth mouthfeel, this golden light-bodied beer should please both beer nut and newbies alike. It makes a nice transition beer for those who are tentatively venturing into the world of craft beers.

So get out the mower, clippers and weedwhackers, spruce up your property, put the gear away and relax with one of these as you contemplate your handiwork.

That's what summer is for.

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