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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't Miss This Baby...

Basil T's Toms River is firing up another of its highly acclaimed Oktoberfest Beer Dinners. The date is set for Friday, September 28, 2007 at the upscale Hooper Ave. location.

The last time this event was held it was an overwhelming success, and this year's should be no different. No less a beer dinner authority than the ubiquitous and knowledgeable Mark Haynie claimed in his review of the event that he had been to many beer dinners, but this one was without a doubt the best he had ever attended.

There's good reason for that, too. BTTR goes all out, as a quick look at the menu in the post below will attest. Steve Farley is a wizard in the kitchen. The Firehouse Polka Band, the stunning, efficient and friendly "Dirndl Beauties" who serve, the top-notch food and the beers of Dave Hoffman (Climax Brewing) combine to produce what should be a memorable night.

I'll be on hand for my usual schtick and comic relief, maybe even with a few new jokes. So gussy yourselves up, bring your most photogenic smiles (your smiling face could easily be featured here) and be prepared for a great time.

Bring a big appetite, and don't forget your singing voice, because "Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit" is the featured song of the night. But remember that seating is limited, so you want to make your reservations early.

See you down at Basil T's Toms River!

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