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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Patriots Quaff

As the Long Winter of our Discontent finally yielded to better temps, it was time for an extended motorcycle ride. One of my favorites is down to Washington's Crossing State Park on the Pennsy side and up PA 32. Scenic, tranquil and devoid of the usual weekend traffic, the route I take through Somerset and Mercer counties has me crossing on the Jersey side, and just before that neat little bridge to Pennsy lies a pub aptly called "Patriot's Crossing." I had never stopped in, but decided to do so yesterday. It's not fancy, for sure, but it had a clean bathroom--and I noticed there were plenty of good beers on tap as I passed the small bar on the way to "dehydrate."

I decided to "re-hydrate," and was delighted with a tap choice called Ramstein Double Platinum. Technically a hefeweizen, this refreshing delicious beer from Greg Zaccardi hit the spot. Fruity, with apple notes predominating, this ever-so-slightly cloudy beer comes in at 7%, and since I was on two wheels, one would be sufficient. That allowed time for an outdoor Alvarez cigar while lounging in the parking lot, enjoying the river view in the (finally) warm sun. Life is good.

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