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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Czech This Out!

A good friend--and seasoned world traveler--named Carol sent me a Powerpoint presentation by e-mail the other day. Being a sucker for beer, caves, regular bathing and unusual adventures, it hooked me right away.

But since I do not possess the technical savvy to post a PPS online here, I figured to share this supercool link with my readers. Perhaps if we're lucky, some reader with serious travel connections (not to mention discounts) can arrange this Beer Trip to end all beer trips.  There's a hotel--a few, in fact, right on the premises, and reports say they are all clean, efficient and reasonable. Nothing, however, is said about wireless access, so check more if you're interested.

The site shares some neat information, including how to get there, and any beer nut worth his salt knows the place the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic has in beer history. But it appears that Chodova Plana, where the beer spa is located has a pretty interesting one as well. In any event, for a real treat, and for pictures that will tell more of the story in a PG-13 style, Google Chodovar Beer Spa, and go to images. Above is a picture of an obviously happy camper. (The duck isn't real, but I'm glad it's there.)

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