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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Thrill May Be Gone, but

the real adventure has just begun. Most kids who turn 21 exult when they can finally drink legally, and they celebrate big time--sometimes, sadly, in excess. But they may also find that their previously illegal beer drinking was part of the allure. After all, pounding BudMillerCoorsNattyLites furtively does seem to thrill many of the college set, a feeling generated by "I'm not supposed to do this, so it's cool." But many have confessed to me, privately, that the verboten aspect of beer drinking was part of its attraction. That their college wallets usually didn't allow for purchases of better beer may have also been part of the equation. But as beer sages have told us from time immemorial: Life is too short to drink bad beer.

With his reaching of the milestone of his 21st birthday, Rob Dickerson, a most engaging and intelligent young man, has entered the Hallowed Halls of Hops. A whole new world of craft beer awaits him as he flexes the four senses he will use to become a discerning SubScout. I hereby congratulate him, as well as deputize him to search his world for quality beers and pubs, and relay the information to me. When he is accomplished enough, I may even allow him to guest-column here, in which case we will use our fifth sense--hearing--by clinking our pints together at a convenient time and place.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Dickerson, and a very Hoppy Birthday!

The PubScout

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