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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raising a Pint to Lester Glenn


Even very well run companies screw up occasionally. It's what they do to make it right afterwards that separates the really good ones from the also-rans. But I get ahead of myself.

Some history, like most Jersey folks I had heard the ads from Lester Glenn about their Lester Glenn experience, and though the dealership was more than fifty miles from my home, I bought a car there. The whole buying experience was pleasant, though hardly unique among car dealers anxious to make a sale at the end of the month.

Anyway, I get a recall notice in the mail and dutifully made an 8AM appointment fifty miles away to have it corrected, a task which according to the chap who signed me in should have taken less than an hour. Three and a half hours later, I still did not have my car back, and when it finally came, I was not a happy camper. So I fired off a personal note to Lester Glenn himself (he's got a FB page), and told him of my experience. Among the comments was my questioning why anyone would even make an appointment if the result was a nearly four-hour wait.

The very next day, I got an email from the dealership apologizing for the incident. The manager asked if I would be willing to let them "make this right," and offered to come to my home fifty miles away for my scheduled 7500 mi. service and free oil change. They would leave me a loaner car, take mine down, service it, detail it, fill it with gas and return it. "Yours is not the kind of Lester Glenn experience we want you to remember," he said. I was a bit skeptical, but I assented to the arrangement.

The exchange happened yesterday, just as the Lester Glenn dealership said it would. They were professional, concerned and attentive every step of the way. By their reaction to my situation, they have earned a dedicated—and repeat—customer, and, given my ability to share stories with my readers on my blog and via Twitter, my heartiest recommendation.

For their professionalism and consummate business attitude, the folks at Lester Glenn in Toms River have also earned my first-ever "Pint-of the Day" award, and I ask that all my faithful readers raise a pint to a business that knows the meaning of real Customer Service.

And if you ever go there to buy a car, tell 'em The PubScout sent you.


Gemini said...

Lester Glenn -- The name sounds familiar... Is that the dealer that was going to give a car to that guy if he changed his mind about burning Korans?

Kurt Epps-The PubScout said...

No, that was another dealer in So. Brunswick.