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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Valley Brewpub a welcome oasis

After more than two hours in the saddle of a V-Twin, and on a day that saw the temps hit 90, I found myself in the vicinity of one of my favorite brewpubs--Long Valley. Located at the crossroads of County Roads 517 and 513, the place has a history of making good beer, and winning some prestigious medals for it. I first reported on this pub in 1997.

Today, however, I required simply sustenance in the form of a beer and a sandwich, so, after making the lovely Emma's acquaintance, I ordered a Signature Pale Ale and that German Valley Reuben that I always enjoy. For the record, the beer and the sandwich are a perfect match. Joe Saia's Signature Pale Ale, hopped with East Kent Goldings was wonderfully balanced with a floral nose and a complexity that was as interesting as the finish.

Got to chat a bit about beer and bikes with Mike, an RU grad who brews his own beer. The chat supported one of my longstanding beliefs: you meet some of the nicest folks in pubs. Emma, a sultry LA transplant, offered to draw me another, but although two wheels are known to move the soul, I did not want to move mine too far, like to Heaven's Pub. So I declined, paid my tab, bade Mike farewell and thanked Emma for her hospitality.

And headed, sated, back to my country roads. It's always good to know that a good, friendly pub is close by, and the Long Valley brewpub fills that bill.

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