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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sea Girt Stop Most Worthwhile

I traveled yesterday from the upscale shore town Spring Lake to the upscale shore town of Sea Girt after taking care of some business to visit a pub known as Harrigan's. I spoke to one of the owners, the affable Bill Passaic (a most interesting surname that, considering it's where my teaching career began), and I will definitely be returning to do a full review after my exploratory trip to search for good pubs in Key West.

The reason is simple: Harrigan's is a comfortable, friendly place with good food and an absolutely outstanding beer list. I'll save the savories for the main review, but here's a teaser of what was in my pint glass: Main Engine Start.

Get some of this beer before it all disappears.


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Steve said...

Did you have the Sizzling Garlic Steak Sandwich? #mostAwesome