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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fraunces Tavern in trouble? Heaven forfend!

One of my favorite taverns--and the oldest in the city-- may be undergoing some radical changes. Fraunces Tavern, where General George Washington bade goodbye to his troops, is looking for new operators, as the story link below will explain. Fraunces is among my yearly Tavern Stops (McSorley's--the second oldest-- being another).

Two totally different experiences in terms of ambience and fare, these two taverns are must-visits for anyone who appreciates taverns for their primal appeal. The urge to quaff where the greats of history once tipped their mugs, as well as the camaraderie spawned by modern-day elbow-bending with the hoi-polloi (like me) will always have an attraction to the lover of good pubs.

Here's hoping Fraunces stays afloat and strong. There's nothing like stopping in to down a pint or three of good beer, accompanied by solid, stomach-filling pub food. That you get to play pool in the back room is a bonus.

New operator sought for Revolutionary-era Fraunces Tavern restaurant -

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