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Monday, August 17, 2009

Oktoberfest in August

One of the greatest misunderstandings among those who aren't tuned into the beer world is when Oktoberfest happens. You can be forgiven if you think Oktoberfest is in Oktober, but only if you're not a beer geek.

Oktoberfest starts now, and will last through the first few weeks of Oktober--er, October. And, to get me on my way to one of my favorite beer seasons (the others being Winter, Summer and Spring and Autumn), I sit here typing next to a pint of Dave Hoffman's Oktoberfest. Dave's brewery, Climax Brewing Co. in tiny Roselle Park, NJ has been putting out quality beers for more than a decade, and his beers have been featured in some of the best beer books in the world--including Michael Jackson's Ultimate Beer Book.

But while I enjoy many of Dave's regular brews (you won't find a better Nut Brown or Helles), I have to confess that my favorite Hoffman brew is the one I'm enjoying right now--and that's his Oktoberfest beer. From its orange-amber color to its incredibly bready/fruity nose to its nonpareil mouthfeel and finish, this is an O-fest lover's Oktoberfest.

I'm not here to blow smoke up Dave's butt, as he has heard me wax poetic about this beer in person in his shop. And I'm sure not looking to score a free growler at the upcoming Basil T's (Toms River) set for Oktober-er, October 2nd, though if he has an extra, I won't turn it down.

I've had and enjoyed many Oktoberfest beers. But none better than the one I'm currently drinking. There is, quite frankly, no better way to usher in this best of beer seasons than with Dave Hoffman's Oktoberfest. Dan Ratti's Oak Tree Buy-Rite Discount Liquors has it.

To the brewer: Ein Prosit! Und Gemutlichkeit!

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