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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Death, Taxes and Beer

By Kurt Epps—The PubScout

June 7, 2009

One of the neat things about Philly is the number of little, out-of-the-way lanes and alleys that connect its streets, especially in what's called "America's Most Historic Square Mile," the Old City section. Cobblestoned Elbow Lane, Strawberry St. and Trotters Lane are just three of them that lured me during a recent trip to the COBL. Of course, Drury St. always catches my eye, as my Favorite Philly Pub –McGillin's Old Ale House—commands that thoroughfare as it commands my presence.

And just as those little by-ways help to make Philly what it is, so do some beer bars. Down on Chestnut, between 2nd and Penn's Landing and across from Triumph is a little place named The Eulogy Belgian Tavern. If you're a Belgian beer buff, as I am, don't miss stepping into this place. With 300 beers available and at least 21 on tap every day, the Eulogy certainly deserves equal billing with its perhaps more famous Belgian sister—The Monks' Café. It's not a big place, at least on the lower level, where, during busy times you may have to go outside just to change your mind, but, to use a '70's term which is sure to date me, it's "happening" place.

Inspired by the owner's visit to a Belgian tourist spot named Le Cerceuil –The Coffin—The Eulogy has an upstairs section known as The Coffin Room, where owner, CPA and adjunct professor Michael Naessens frequently entertains clients—and does his own taxes.

What I found to be most interesting was the extraordinary collection of glassware set on the shelves to accommodate the many beer styles. Belgians know beer like the French know wine and women, and they are attuned to the fact that the glass has everything to do with the beer drinking experience.

Naessens is as much in love with accounting as with things Belgian, and has another location at 33 South 3rd called the Benelux Tasting Room which features glass rinsers built into every table for sampling different beers, of which there are forty, accompanied by 38 cheeses and twelve different chocolates by the ounce. Pizzas, crepes, salads and paninis are also available.

If you're visiting Philly, don't miss this exceptional pub, especially during tax season. If the Tax Man in a Grim Reaper costume gets you down, at least you'll have 300 outstanding beers to choose from to lessen your pain.

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